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iOS Performance Comparison Chart (add your data and let's determine the best iOS gig device!)

I have made an editable Google Doc to compare the various iOS devices. It would be very helpful in determining what iOS device to purchase for a live gig. My preference would be to use a phone that I can mount to a pedal board, or perhaps an iPad mini (don’t want to get bigger than that if I can avoid it). I would invite our members to contribute their specs and experiences running MG2 on iOS, See Chart here https://docs.google.com/document/d/16KlNZlZoLRmz1l69on3elxTWznq1dKilTfrqQyt3KR0/edit?usp=sharing

Great idea. I’m wondering the same thing as I’m in the process of trying to figure out how to add this to my live rig. So far I’ve been experimenting with MG on my MacBook but no way I want to use a laptop in a gig setting…so unfortunately I don’t have anything to add to the doc but I’ll be anxiously following this thread.

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I’m wondering if the upcoming iPhone 12 will be a viable option? I’d also like to see if the next OS update helps the XsMax run better than my 6Splus. The current mini has an A12 processor same as my XsMax, so I doubt it runs any better.