IOS version arpeggiator

I have both the desktop version and the iOS versions (paid). I would love to be able to use an arpeggiator with the iOS version on the iPhone for live gigs. I can see the iOS version has only two midi machines ( sustain and transpose), Anyone using a third party arpeggiator app successfully with MG iOS? Any ideas on how to get arps into the MG synths?

This is sort of a rider on to your question. What is the plan for MG on iOS once MG3 drops offically? Is the intention for a MG3 on iOS for full feature parity? Or if not, what might we expect to see as the major differences? (e.g., reduced numbers of MIDI machines, fewer supported chains, etc.)

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Surely an arpeggiator AUv3 (I guess there are plenty of options) could be inserted in-line between the MG2 AUv3 output and the target synth – if you use MG2 in a host like AUM. I’m not a big user of arpeggiators so I don’t have specific details, but I’m sure a little searching on the Audiobus forum will find you the info you seek.

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Thanks! I’ll check that out.