iPad IAA not working anymore?

I have an iPad PRO 1.gen and I’m testing latest+beta MG2 before buying. It works great as standalone, no problems here, but I get no audio in looper (Group the Loop) via IAA. I don’t use midi. Other synths are ok (Korg, Magellan…) and are all listed in looper’s IAA input list. Did you disable inter-app audio support? IPad is updated to latest version, my audio “interface” is iRig2.


Apple deprecated IAA in favor of AUv3s…

Does MG2 work with Audiobus: Mixer for music apps? I would like to send audio to another app.

You can use it with AB or any other app, using virtual MIDI, but not for sending audio.

We are working on a AUv3 version which should work with both Audio and MIDI, but other desktop releases are coming first, so it may take a while…

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Thank you for fast answers and clarification! I’am buying MG2 anyway, because it’s really fantastic software and you guys deserve all the support from us users. I’ll find a way to record to my iPad looper, even if I’ll have to use two iPads. Hope for AUv3 version soon.


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Yes AUv3 version is very needed to fully integrate MG with other apps and take full advantage of this genius app.

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So , now that MG is AU (nice move ,but to clarify IAA is not dropped by Apple, yet) , is the Midi Out IAP enough for sending midi (not audio) to other hosts ?

Actually the latest update should still support IAA as well as AUv3.

Yes, the MIDI Output IAP enables sending out MIDI, on a virtual midi channel, whether you run MG standalone or IAA.

I tried the Testflight version but MG doesn’t show as IAA (well I guess IAA is not very important but I should mentioned this)
Should I download the normal AppStore version instead ?

Yes, the official App Store version is now the latest