IPAD Korg Wavestation?

Dear forum,
i’ve buyed Midi Guitar 2 to play Korg Wavestation into the Ipad.
No way to let it works.
Other synths as King of FM respond to Midi Guitar
but Korg doesn’t show in its list.

Please help me.
Thank you

On iPad, iWavestation is a standalone app with no AUv3 version. You need to use MG2’s external MIDI FX and select iWavestation as the destination.

I did It but Wavestation Is not in the list

I dunno what the issue would be, I can see it on my iPad. Are you looking in the MIDI FX section?

Midi FX (on midi machines group)
I was tricked by the behaviour of the button.
I resolved. Thank you.

The strange is the keyboard, in that mode, the latest key pressed in the interface is latched (colored and sustained) also if sustain is disabled.