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iPad Pro 12.9” M1 - M2G interface in GarageBand is impossibly small

Got a shiny new 12.9” M1 iPad Pro - pulled up my M2G inside GarageBand, and the view I am presented with, despite being the largest format iPad presently available, is literally the size of a 6-inch ruler, both in height and width. It is illegible, so small is the writing.

Obviously this is the audio Unit V3…are you intending to make the interface screen expandable (no arrows to expand can be seen), the present size even with the iPad Pro clarity, is impossible - plus there are a couple of controls, that magnify when you use them - these on the right side (master for example dial/knob) refuses to stay in the new position I rotated it to - it snaps back to where it was on startup!

Pretty unusable as AUv3 in present state - ideas? I have a screenshot. Considering the real estate available, this is odd. Hope you can fix or give it an ‘expanding double arrow’ like others have?

My best, Ian/rg

Thank you for reporting.
I see the problem. It’s a fault on our side and affects the newest 12,9 iPad Pros. We will sort it out in the next update.

Very good, I since realised that M2G does work but it is as a standalone, then you just start up GarageBand in iPadOS, and if properly set up, per online video, it feeds in via ‘virtual MIDI’.

So it does work, and I am not using hex pickups and needing an individual feed for each string ! like some more adventurous Mac/PC users have demonstrated, so I won’t claim there’s a rush. It’s quite a thrill to extract MIDI from the guitar at all.

my best

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