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Iphone to hardware synth question


I’ve got the Orange Omec Teleport pedal connected to my iphone. I would like to find a way to connect my Waldorf Streichfett hardware synth to my pedal chain via Midi Guitar, but I’m not sure if its capable, so some feedback on if this would work would be helpful. This is what I am thinking:

Guitar>Omec pedal>iphone running midi guitar – with a wireless bluetooth dongle on the waldorf.

I haven’t bought the bluetooth dongle or upgraded midi guitar yet, since I’m not yet sure if this would work.


You should be able to connect both the OMEC and a USB->DIN MIDI interface to your iOS device via a USB hub – might need to be a powered hub. The USB->DIN MIDI would connect to your HW synth. I’ve used a Roland UM One mk2 for various iOS->HW/HW->iOS applications without issue. I think this would perform faster than a wireless/bluetooth MIDI transmitter.


my personal experience with the bleutooth midi controllers: danger of connection loss, missing external power connection.
You allways need to check the batteries, and the batteries mostly go in from the bottom, so you can’t glue/screw the controller to a decent pedalboard without serious hacking…
Tempting as bleutooth may seem: it has no legit place on a stage. Probably the price point makes those devices sub par to decent footcontrollers like FCB1010, Pacer and Softstep.
Bleutooth may be used professionally technically speaking, but it then would most likely cost the same as what the decent footcontrollers cost now…


the only reason I suggested bluetooth midi was getting around the single port on an iphone…I wasnt sure if any relatively inexpensive hubs would work for transmitting data, but I will definitely look into it. I’ve currently got something like the Roland UM One that I can try, but again I guess I’ll need a good hub that can transmit data into two ports since the OMEC is going directly into the iphone. thanks!


you can connect an usb hub via the “camera” adapter, you can plug in mulitple devices.
as long as the connected deviced are usb2 or up, you’ll have bandwidth enough for both usb midi and usb audio.


If the OMEC must use the lightning tip try to find a Belkin Rockstar lightning adapter + a CCK. Then you can tap into the audio on one side and use the regular USB for MIDI via the CCK side.


thanks all…I’ve got an adapter on the way.

btw, anyone using the IOS version, do I need to get both upgrades? I know I’ll need to get the midi output upgrade for $20 to send midi to my hardware synth, but I don’t know if I also need the midi guitar rig for $10. The description on the app store isn’t very forthcoming about what all it provides. It mentions tracking and some effects that I don’t care about. I thought the app already had the tracking? idk.


-I’ve had the ‘MIDI Guitar Rig’ IAP for so long that I can’t remember life without it - I vaguely remember that it was released in tandem with the update to the desktop version and improved the tracking which was already pretty good – Anybody, please correct me if I’m wrong.
-As you already noted you’ll definitely need MIDI Output.
-If you’re running external synths you probably wont need the AudioUnit Hosting but it’s useful if you like playing iOS synths from inside the app.


the apple camera connection kit adapter does not work. the lightning port is only useable for charging the device…only the usb port can be used. So, I need to return that and find a different solution.

also, the midi guitar ios apps are tiered…you have to first buy the $10 one before you can even buy the $20. So, now that I’ve spent $30 on this app, I hope I can figure out a way to get it to work with my setup.


You connect an usb hub to the usb port on the camera connection kit. On the hub you connect the different USB devices you want to use. The lightning port on the connection kit is to connect the power suply, that is correct.
Many people are happy with just the smallest 10 dollar version.
We think 30 dollar for the app including midi output is a good price, escpecially when compared to the full version.


the hub thing was my own misinformed attempt to connect this setup, but I ordered something that’ll work…I just didn’t do my research on the apple kit and thought both ports would be able to do data, but I’m stupid for thinking apple would be so kind. I’m fine with $30 for the IOS setup if it all works as expected…I just didn’t know that the options were tiered…I had thought I could do the $20 thing and it was all I’d need, no biggie.