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Irig stomp I/O learn midi problem with ios MG2

I couldnt assing my irig stomp I/O ’ s switches to ios MG2 ’ parameters ( learn midi problem)

-does your Irig stomp output MIDI CC (Continuous Controller)?
-have you selected Irig stomp for MIDI control input?

Yes but midi learn learn button doesn’t appear

ah sorry! I didnt read you mean our iOS version.
Our iOS version has no MIDI learn, only remotes for sustain and transpose midi machines. Program Changes do work however.
Help and manual for iOS version is here: https://www.jamorigin.com/docs/midi-guitar-for-ios/

How can i assign program change

The patches need to be named with leading numbers, so that MG can load the right one.
Like this:
001 My first patch name ( loads on PC 1 )
002 My second patch name ( loads on PC 2 )
003 My fthird patch name ( loads on PC 3 ).
Beware: the current system works with a simple alphabetical sort, e.g. having two 003… patches will put patch 004 at position 5…
Hide the unneeded patch by calling it “NOT003…” or simular, to keep the order.

I mean how can i make ‘midi learn’ for ‘program change’

We are waiting new version IOS MG2 which contain ‘midi learn’. Now IOS MG2 is not suitable for live performance because you can not put your laptop into pedalboard (Midi learn works only at PC version)

I mean a lot equipment to carrey everywhere

Hi Guys, I couldn’t see a later version re this, hence this question here in the spirit of keeping stuff in one place.

Is there now “Midi Learn” for ios on MG2. I am planning to use MG2 live a lot and just bought an IK Blueboard Midi pedal board to be able to control MG2, Obviously when playing live it’s helpful to be able to adjust the Mix between Guitar and Instrument with a pedalboard.

If not, could I make a plea to include full Midi Learn with MG3.

Many thanks!