Is Garageband supposed to pick up the software as a midi device"

So I got the trial version of the Mac app for Garageband but I can’t play the Garageband instruments. I noticed Garageband is not detecting the app as a midi device. Am I missing a setting? how do I get the Garageband instruments? Is it possible in only the full version? Sorry for so much text but I am new to this app

inside MIDI Guitar for Garageband, open the patch “EXTERNAL MIDI OUTPUT”
Then click on the “MIDI OUTPUT” field, make sure “VIRTUAL MIDI” is chosen for output.

Oh sorry I forgot to say I have the mac app store version I don’t see any patch called that. Am I missing it?

So do I need the full version to see the patch?

So I got the full version and I still don’t see the patch for external midi

no, everything works in trial mode.
The patches are chosen on the spot where “TEST PIANO” is displayed. that is a patch name. Clicking on it will show you the other patches.

Yeah I still don’t see it. Are you sure that the patch is for mac?

“MIDI Guitar for Garageband” from the appstore is mac only.

You can make any patch transmit midi:
click on a MIDI FX slot, choose “MIDI output”
click on midi output, select “virtual midi” for output

Thank you Paul I found what I was looking for. The software is just very complex for me.

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