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Is it me or the price jumped from $99 to $149.95?

I started learning to play guitar 2 years ago and along the journey I asked “why can’t my guitar play as midi to generate any kind of sound” and I came to know jam origin from their garageband trial on Apple Store and fell in love

But of course it was to early for me in the journey to buy it because I was still learning the ropes, but I recall it was $99

Today I found it’s $149… at first I thought maybe I forget or something, but I found this review video posted in October 2020 https://youtu.be/kNta2Zx2_pY?t=51 and it clearly says $99

$99 was an kinda ok price for me when I compared it to Fishman TriplePlay because it requires no attachments and instantly works with any guitar, albeit at the cost of higher accuracy of having per string pickup. However, the difference in accuracy is still slim which shows how much engineering went in midi guitar.

Was a new version developed with higher price? what am I missing?

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Yes, we recently increased the price and announced that MG version 3 is coming and that licenses are for lifetime.

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Its the inflation my friend, with the monstrous injection of money that the US government did in the past year and a half or so, it’s no wonder that prices are increasing everywhere. I know that it’s hard to digest, and a lot of people are resisting to believe it… but when you increase the money supply by 30/40% without a corresponding increase in supply of goods and services, it inexorably goes to prices. These guys understand that to keep on going to the supermarket and roughly maintain their standard of living, they need to increase their prices. Blame it on Bernanke, Powell, Yellen , Obama, Trump, Biden… and all that came before and contributed to the big party we have been living

!!! Cheers