Is it possible to run two instruments simultaneously?

Firstly I have to say I’m loving MG2, slowly getting my head around it on the fly as I’m using it live with a good VST and it hasn’t missed a beat. What I’d love to do is to have two instruments running simultaneously and bring the second one in (and out again) with a footswitch midi command when I choose to. Is it possible to have two instruments running concurrently in MG2? I’d put some delay on the second one so I get some chorusing of sorts, but with two distinct voices (one per instrument). Possible? I live in hope. :slight_smile:

Everything is possible with a DAW. Try researching about Ableton’s external instrument rack. Maybe there’s an easier way to go about it.

Thanks @Mizmiz I’ll take a look though I’m trying to minimise software, I haven’t used Ableton yet and was hoping that MG2 might be able to run two VSTs in tandem. Maybe this is my push to dabble with Ableton though!

If you intend to use MG live, rather than a daw, it is better to use a plugin host which is the most ergonomic and efficient solution for this.

This way you only have one software to manage and you can put everything you want to use in it, with different configurations instantly recallable with a simple footswitch.
You can put in one or more instances of the MG plugin to drive as many instruments as you want on different midi channels, etc.

Among the various plugin hosts, I would strongly recommend Gig performer which is really made for and by musicians and is extremely stable and optimised for minimum latency. And the user community is very responsive.

But you should check if a plugin host meets your needs by first trying Element which has the advantage of being open source and free.


By the way, if it’s not for improvising purposes and you want to play a song live that always has the same structure, you can automate the patch changes so you wouldn’t have to worry about switching them manually.

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Yes it’s for live playing, thanks for the suggestions. Looks like I have some more exploring to do.

Yes - if you don’t use the standalone app, and insert it as many times as you want in you DAW… Bandlab, Ableton, etc. You will be able to have more than one instrument. I personally use Gigperformer 4, which is similar to a DAW, but so much more, and run multiple versions of it. I actually don’t load any instruments in it, I just use it as my midi guitar interface. You should check that out as well. It is quite a lot to get used to IMHO, but once you get over the hurdle, it is amazing what you can do.

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thanks @pilotshort , that’s another vote for Gigperformer, there must be something in it, I’m definitely taking a look at it. When you say you don’t load instruments in it but use it as your midi guitar interface, do you mean you kind of cascade it GP>MG2>instrument for each instance?

In Gig Performer…

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That looks perfect, I think it’s exactly what I’m looking for, thanks.

Yes, this is what I am saying. So you can insert Midi Guitar, then route the output to as many VST’s or VSTi’s, as you wish. You can also insert another instance of Midi Guitar, which might have different settings for another guitar, or if you wanted to use one of Midi Guitars Vst instruments.
So you basically Gig Performer scans your PC for VST’s and VSTi’s, then present them for you to pick from a drop down list. Then you decide how and where you want to wire them up. That would typically be in one rack, but there are many ways to create more racks, with what ever configuration you want. There is a lot it can do, and since it is working directly with the VST’s, latency is remarkable. Ideally I think it works better with the Apple stuff, but I don’t have an any iPads or Mac’s. Check out the video’s on You Tube. Gig Performer Back Stage with host Brett Pontecorvo. You will see some amazing things happening.

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