Is JAM Origin still alive?

Maybe this header is a bit provocative but I can’t get any response on my support case. During an update to Ventura, my Logic installation stoped working and the work around was to create a new account. My problem is that I can’t find my license file in my old account. MIDI Guitar IS working on the old account but I need to move it to the new account. But I can’t find anything like a license file. Any input is appreciated!

Hi (Tjenare) @BosseD
JamOrigin is of course very much alive. Sometimes it takes a while to get help though, since devs/support is working hard on the next version of the software. Usually license questions get attended to once a week, but perhaps something happened? Let’s begin with the old license file. Perhaps you still have it? We were told to store it somewhere safe, when we applied our licenses for the first time. If you know that you have a habit of doing stuff like that the file you are looking for should have the name you used on purchase on it , followed by “.licence”. So “Firstname Lastname.licence” if you want to search for it. Otherwise I am sure @JamO will get back to you within this week sometime. :+1:

Tjenare and thanks for your answer. I have got help now as I also fond an direct email address to support. I had a terrible situation after I upgraded to Ventura and when the support form and e-mail didn’t work I was crying on the floor. BUT I think it was due to some configuration problems in my end, sorry. Thanks anyway for you response and LONG LIVE MIDI GUITAR! One of my absolute favourite plugins! :slight_smile: