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Is JamOrigin 2 Audio Unit Compliant? Can is feed MIDI to AUM?

I am using AUM (AUM - Audio Mixer | Kymatica.com) on my iPad to manage a plethora of inputs, effects, loops and synths – and I want MIDI output from my Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2 – to feed into AUM.

However…when I look at the MIDI sources, Jam Origin doesn’t seem to show up?
Is Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2…compliant with the Audio Unit V3 spec?

Any ideas/suggestions? Please, please…I do NOT want to run my AU V3 synths and effects inside Jam Origin; that IS NOT a solution (it’s a catastrophe). HOW… can I feed the MIDI output from Jam Origin into AUM?

Frustrated in Philly

You have to open it as an insert & effects in an audio channel within AUM, (It does not appear in the midi processors channel). Then you can look it up in the midi routing page and choose where to send the midi signal,

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Hi… I tried it, or so I believe I’ve tried and it didn’t work. I could not get MIDI from it.

Is there a tutorial video on how to do this? It seems rather complicated?

Just one more question: did you buy the 2 add-ons ? I think what you are trying to do does not work if you do not have the add-ons…I am really not sure because I have this app for almost 6 years and I cannot remember if you can use it inside a Host such as AUM without buying the “extras”. ( Also, since I bought the app they have modified somewhat the add ons ). In any case this is a video that might help Turn a Guitar into a Midi Controller with Midi Guitar 2 on iOS - How To App on iOS! - EP 115 S3 - YouTube

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I got it working. Yeah…I had to buy the in app purchases. No biggie… and thank you for your help.

I still feel a tutorial video would be helpful.

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Yes , I agree…it happens a lot with music software nowadays, the developers forget that we are musicians above anything else and take for granted that one should intuitively understand how everything works right out of the box. This could be easily solved by hiring industrial designers in addition to programmers/coders, Still , MG2 is amongst the best in terms of user experience…however, there is always room for improvement. Glad you solved the issue !