Is the MIDI signal pass-through not turned on by default in MIDI Guitar 3?

Thanks for the new release! So looking forward to rocking with it! I was able to get the “test synth” going and the tracking is absolutely amazing!
However, I was wondering if the flow has changed a bit from MIDI Guitar 2?
With the previous version I was able to stack an instrument and a MIDI Guitar plug on the same track, and the output from the MG was passed through to the instrument as soon as I armed the track.
In MG3 though it seems like this is no longer happening?
How do I pass the MIDI signal from the MG3 plugin to the instrument?
This is, of course, inside the DAW, like Reaper.

Thank you!

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If you use the MG3 VST3 version in Reaper, it should be the same, iff you have a MIDI OUTPUT module in your chain (at the end of the chain for simplicity, like the MINI patch). The MIDI Output should send out MIDI directly from the VST3 and into the DAW.