Is there a AAX (DSP too?) version planned?

i purchased just this nice tool after testing the demo , and its really fun to play big brasses and synths
with the guitar…very nice work!
since i get sometimes a lot of midi-artefacts , i have to fiddle around with the settings.
Only an AAX version , since i use protools , would be terrific.
Working with the standalone version is doable , but a better integration , as with
vst or au , would be great.

So, is a aax version planned or on the way?

No, at least not for now.
You’ll have to do with the standalone + midi loop (and a multiclient ASIO interface)

We actually did the AAX version a few years ago, but it didnt comply with AVIDs rescrictions, because MG can host VSTs and hence sneak VSTs into PT, which is disallowed. So we dropped it for now.

since i understand your feelings about avids restrictions regarding aax ,
even a “crippeld” version , without VSTi hosting ( not necessary there since there
is a midi out) would make the use much easier , in my case i use a hdx card along
with PT and need a second interface to get guitar audio into MIDIGuitar and from there
midi to PT.
if you would include that , not fully functional ( redarding the vst and au version) aax version
it would be still a big improvement, at least to me.
regarding the fact that there are no real (software) alternatives,
there would be , even with theese restrictions, a bigger market for MIDIGuitar
in PT Land.
BTW great fun with your really nice software.

Yes, thanks for suggestions.
AAX is on the todo-list, but after next series of releases which will also have such a minimal-UI.