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Is there a way to completely restrict a particular register of the instrument from triggering midi?

Hi guys. I use this great software with an electric cello. It works very, but sometimes, when jumping around the stage, I might accidentally make a note squeak and it makes the midi go crazy. In every song there is a note I will never need to go above, I wonder if there is any way to completely restrict anything above that? I used to use a boss sy300 and it had such a feature tucked away in a me u, perhaps we have it too, and I have just missed it? I know there are the tone and curve features, but they are limited, I would like to just pick a note and nothing above it does anything.

Yes, you can use the “Lowest Note in Bassrange” Midi Machine within the Midi Guitar 2 software. Set it for the highest note you want to allow. A value of 86 represents the 22nd fret on the high e string of the guitar.

I think you have improved my set considerably. You are a beautiful human being, thank you!

So I’ve been playing around with this feature. It’s pretty much what I wanted… Except the moment I put it on the rack, it rejects random notes that are within the allowed range. Even if the knob is left at 100% it still seems to upset the tracking. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong? I tried playing with the other sensitivity controls to try to compensate, but nothing seemed to make any dscerable difference…
Any advice?