Is there a way to make MG2 default to a specific option of the interface settings?

Is there a way to make MG2 default to a specific option of the interface settings?
I set the Presonus to be 128 bit, run MG2 and it automatically changes the Presonus control panel to 256 bit.
I change MG2 to be 128 bit and the Presonus changes to 128 bit.
Ok. Everything runs fine. I tweaked all my presets to run on the 128 bit setting.

The only problem is next time I run MG2 it’s back to 256 bit.

It’s not hard to switch it to 128 bit but it would be handy to have MG2 default to 256 bit.

Is there any way to make MG2 default to 128 bit?

I meant to say it would be handy to have MG2 default to 128 bit. (not 256 bit)

I’m on Mac with a Mackie Onyx 820i firewire mixer so it’s class-compliant which means I don’t have a specific driver for that interface. If I open MG2 and change the bit rate, next time I open MG2 the last used bit rate becomes the default. Maybe the problem comes from your Presonus driver if your on Windows.

I uninstalled the presonus Universal Control and reinstalled it and there’s no change.

The Presonus stays set on whatever I set it but as soon as I run MG2 it changes to 256 bit and so does the presonus setting.

When in MG2 I can change it to 128 and I can see the settings in the Presonus change to 128 so it seems like something about MG2 is stuck in 256 bit by default.

MG2 is not stuck at 256 bit with my interface so the problem must come from Presonus not MG2. You might ask Presonus support for a solution to this problem.

I don’t think it is the presonus.

I can set the presonus universal control to be 128 bits while running MG2 as 256 bits and MG2 is then 128 bits. Whatever I set the presonus universal control to MG2 is that when running MG2.

When I close MG2 the presonus universal control is still set at 128 bits.

When I open MG2 again it is set back to 256 bits and the universal control is changed to 256 bits.

So it’s MG2 that’s deafulting to 256 bits upon opening NOT the presonus.

I tried adding the setting for 128 bits to the midi guitar.settings file and MG2 opens with 128 bits but changes the midi guitar.settings file back to the original file with NO setting for 128 bits so the next time I run MG2 it is set for 256 bits.

The Presonus has NOTHING to do with the MG2 midi guitar.settings file so why is the midi guitar.settings file changing back to the original non-edited file upon opening MG2???

I already had 2 tickets with presonus and they did nothing except say the problem is with MG2.

I explained what’s going on with the saved setting/crash in one of the other threads you opened on the same issue:
MG must reset audio interface settings in the event of crashes, because otherwise it could get impossible for you to launch it at all (if it crash at start-up).

As for why it crash, I don’t know… but it is most likely related to an incompatibility issue with interface or VST plugin.

Make sure your ASIO drivers are up to date (I expect you use windows), and if that doesn’t work consider using MG in a DAW or VST host, to handle your audio interface on behalf of MG.

The presonus Universal control software installs an ASIO driver and it’s up to date.

When I run scan safe for vst’s etc. it looks at many many files that don’t seem to have anything to do with VST and look more like windows api files but none of them get saved as vst’s or szf’s. So my scanned plugins all seem fine once scanned.

I don’t know how to determine waht is causing MG2 to crash(I guess) on launch.
Could it be upon launch MG2 looks at the 128 bit setting and thinks it’s too low or cause some sort of glitch so it changes it to 256 bits?

I got MG2 to not scan wierd files.

I tried before but it wouldn’t let me change the folder for the szf files. I guess it did this time. It wants to default to “This PC” even if I change the folder, but last time it must have worked.

Everything it scans now loads and works ok and there’s no scanning of weird system files.

I am guessing MG2 sees the 128 bit as too low and just uses the next one up by default.

If I change the MG2 to have 48khz instead of 44.1khz rate it stays that way.

If I change the presonus universal control to be 512 bits, MG2 takes on the new setting but it deafaults back to 256 upon relaunch.

When using MG2 to pick latency there is ONLY 3 choices for 44.1 and three for 48khz, being 64, 128 and 256 bits, so 512 isn’t available inside MG2 but is in the PResonus universal control panel.

Is it possible that MG2 just decides automatically what it likes best for latency?

Whatever audio application you use (daw, plugin host, etc) will use the settings selected by the audio interface driver.
Changing settings in the application is not done by the application but by the audio interface driver to which the application gives access.
The problem you are experiencing seems to be with the audio interface (i.e. the driver).

As far as my equipment is concerned, the settings made in the audio interface software will be used by all audio applications and changes made in any audio application (i.e. driver settings) will be reflected identically in all other applications using that audio interface.

A few years ago we were using a Studio 1824c for our band and we had problems with the presonus universal control software.
I don’t remember exactly what was going on, but I do remember that we had uninstalled this software to make this audio interface work properly.

Are you saying I can uninstall the Universal control and there will still be a ASIO driver for MG2?

I think the ASIO driver is installed when you install the universal control so maybe I should just try and uninstall the universal control by itself but there is no mention of any ASIO driver in the Device manager that I can find.

I tried uninstalling the universal control and there’s no device available in MG2.
I reinstalled the universal control and it’s the same as it was.

The ASIO driver is obviously included with the universal control uninstall and install.

I don’t know of any other ASIO driver will work for the Studio 24C interface.

Do you know of any other ASIO drivers that will work?

First I want to clarify that the settings can easily be changed in MG2 Stand alone.

They can also be changed by the Presonus Universal control even when MG2 is running.

I only want MG2 to default to a specific set of interface parameters.

There is NO problem changing the settings.

Once I get the new scripting language loaded for win10 (I prefer Winbatch for PC) I will simply write one for a shortcut to copy the default_midi guitar.settings file I edited to first replace (overwrite) the native midi guitar.settings file and I can thus put ANY settings I want to load when MG2 launches.

Problem solved.

Thanks for all your help.
Presonus had NO useful advice.

I’m sorry I just realized that we were on Mac in our rehearsal room. Universal control was installed but we were not using its driver.

I’m on Windows, working and playing on stage with a 44.1/256 setting which is fine in terms of latency.
If it is the same for you, the problem is less important, even if it exists and needs to be explained.

Have you tried using another asio driver to see if you have the same problem? For example Asio4all or Asio Link Pro (the last one which is deprecated but very effective).
You could then see if you have the same problem and detect more precisely where it comes from.

I downloaded Asio Link Pro files and it gives an error before finishing installation.

Then I unistalled universal control and Asio link pro still wouldn’t finish installing and gave an error.