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Is there an issue on MG2 with controlling .VST3 plug-ins?

I’m able to use my external MIDI controller to affect whatever CC I want in every plug-in through MG2…
except for the one that I really need expression & mod control for, which happens to be my only VST3 plug-in.

On all of my other VST and VSTi plug-ins I’m even able to use the easy “midi learn” shortcut, but with the newer type it doesn’t seem to give that option & no matter how I program my controller nothing will react.

Does MG2 not allow for an external MIDI controller affecting a VST3? If that’s the case, does anybody know a way to work around this issue?

(To be clear, the VST3 I need to control through MG2 is the Reason 12 Rack Instrument plug-in & I am running on Windows 11)