Is there anyway to use ableton plugins?

I cant seem to use Ableton plugins? I added the core library to the vst folder but they dont show up?

Which plugins in particular are you thinking of? In which format?

The synthesizers like Drift,Wavetable the

Packs that I’ve download. I use Ableton 11 as my host. All my plugins work perfectly. However i dont have a way to open stock Ableton plugins like piano synthesizers and so on . I tried to copy the packs folder to G2m but theres not enough space to move its a huge folder .

I am pretty sure Drift and Wavetable are Abelton only synths. They have their own format. If you want to use those I suggest you use MG2 as a Plugin in Abelton, or use the MIDI Out from the standalone setup.
You don’t need to open stuff you want to play INSIDE the MG2 plugin, so if you are using Abelton as your host already, there is no need for copying and scanning for Abelton instruments and packs. MG" on an AUDIO track (in Abelton) , and whatever software you wish to use on a software instrument track, arm to rec, and play.

I think Ableton plugins have a proprietary format that can only be used in Live.
See what extension these plugins have: to be recognized in MG (or any other audio software), they must have the VST, AU or SFZ extension.

Do it like this


Ableton sounds are a propietary format, not VST.

Hence you will need to have Live running and MIdi GuItar confidured in Live to use the Live sounds.

At least that is what I concluded when I looked and gettiing LIve 11 Suite sounds into Midi Guitar 2.