Is this compatible with Guitar Pro?

Hi everyone.

I was just wondering if this software was compatible with guitar pro Midi Capture feature ? (


theoretically: yes. practically: no
MIDI guitar standalone can output midi over a virtual midi channel, and than can be opened for input in GP. (this needs loopMIDI installed on windows)
But the midi will only be send on 1 channel, and GP has to receive it as “keyboard” midi.
so you wont have tabs!
Now the process of getting clean midi is much easier in a DAW, using quantisation and cleaning up of the pianoroll. Cleaning up data in a scoring app is very cumbersome.
So recording the data in a DAW, and exprting the midi when needed is much more practical. But automatic tabs is not possible with MIDI Guitar 2: the different strings are not recognised.

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Thanks for your reply!

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