Is this my guitar's fault

I play a scale on my electric guitar (Cheap Squire Strat) and get double notes and odd side notes. The scale sounds OK live, but there is some sharp wave forms. I record the scale and convert the wave using Midi 2 FX and get the same terrible tracking.

I thought I would experiment so I used a keyboard to record a midi version of a “Real Strat VST” and recorded it as audio. The Midi 2 FX was able to convert it back to Midi perfectly.

Is this my cheap guitar that is the problem? I was wondering if there was some filter I could use to clean the signal to make it work better.

Cheap Squire Strat
Focusrite 18i8 3rd gen
Cakewalk By Bandlab
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Update: I tried it with an accoustic guitar with a pickup. Same thing. Double notes, ghost notes, finger noise notes.

maybe try tone down your input level on the audio interface: if it is too loud everything will get oversensitive.


Send a clean signal into MD2, if your guitar has a humbucker I would suggest you select it to reduce background noise, user a tuner and be sure you are properly in tune as being out of tune triggered lots or wrong note for me, for me very light strings can be difficult to control maybe you either need to improve your technique or try different gauge to avoid hitting wrong notes that can be picked by MG2 but you would usually not hear in a guitar amp, I see pro players using a string dampener maybe that can help getting wrong notes from open string, I have also found it is better for me that to end a note I am playing I have better control and less wrong notes by muting it with my right hand instead of left hand which I used to do a lot.

Thanks. This sounds like good advice. I am also looking into getting a Jamstik Studio at some point. At least I can send it back within 60 days if I can not get what I want from it. I must be doing something wrong as my initial work with MD2 resulted in a cleaner result.
I am also open to the possibility that this is PEBCAG (Problem exists between chair and guitar).