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Is this my guitar's fault

I play a scale on my electric guitar (Cheap Squire Strat) and get double notes and odd side notes. The scale sounds OK live, but there is some sharp wave forms. I record the scale and convert the wave using Midi 2 FX and get the same terrible tracking.

I thought I would experiment so I used a keyboard to record a midi version of a “Real Strat VST” and recorded it as audio. The Midi 2 FX was able to convert it back to Midi perfectly.

Is this my cheap guitar that is the problem? I was wondering if there was some filter I could use to clean the signal to make it work better.

Cheap Squire Strat
Focusrite 18i8 3rd gen
Cakewalk By Bandlab
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Update: I tried it with an accoustic guitar with a pickup. Same thing. Double notes, ghost notes, finger noise notes.

maybe try tone down your input level on the audio interface: if it is too loud everything will get oversensitive.