Issue using IK's B3X

Hi, this is my first post.
I have an issue using IK’s B3X. When I play B3X with a keyboard I have enabled the sustain pedal to activate the Leslie speed control and the volume pedal from my Alessis Q88 to control the Expression pedal. However when I use the Midi Guitar plugin they do not work as the link to the Q88 is not there. Any ideas as to how I might solve this problem?

In our standalone: you need to set the midi control input in the MIDI Guitar interface section to the Alessis, then it should work.
In a DAW: your Alessis should be enbled for midi input in your DAW, MG will create the MIDI notes, and the DAW will also feed the cc’s from your pedals to the instrument track.

Hi Thank you for the prompt reply. In order for the Midi Guitar to work you have to select the input for IK’s B3X to the Midi Guitar in the Cubase instrument input drop-down menu. Other settings don’t seem to work i.e. All Inputs. You only are able to select one option unless I am mistaken.

Actually I think I have found a solution that might be useful. I clicked upon the B3X midi track and created another midi track linked to the B3X and seeing that was done I changed the input of this track to the Alessis Q88 and now the pedals can be used.

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yes, different DAW’S have different tricks to splice/merge midi, thanks for sharing the info here!
An extra note here for MIDI Routing, as this seems a good spot to mention this:
MIDI routing becomes even more evolved when you want to send midi to pure fx vst’s.
For info on that you can visit this page: