Issue with AUM

Hi guys newbie here… I’ve been trying to get MG2 to work in AUM but I’m failing miserably. I am not sure if it’s AUM or MG2 that’s the issue.
I can’t find much on You tube that relates to my problem but maybe one you guys can help please.

So I open AUM load a channel strip selecting my input source and then first spot MG2… here is where the issue starts… it appears that when I load MG2 within AUM the Version number states 1.1 ( which isn’t right I don’t think)
I’m unable to select input source on MG2 and further can’t select any plugins at all apart from the ones within MG2. I can’t do a scan for plugins either. I’ve tried to delete and reload from App Store but get the same results.
Annoying thing is that MG2 works fine as a stand alone so I don’t know what’s going on…

When you use MG2 standalone it can host AU plugins and you can select the audio input. When you use it in AUM, as you described, the audio input is automatically selected from the input source above it and, because AUM itself is a plugin host, you have to add MIDI instruments in a separate channel then choose MG2 as the MIDI input source. Otherwise, as you noticed, you will only see the internal instruments and FX within the MG2 plugin. I hope that helps get you started.

Thank you for this… I’ve got it working now but still still to get my head around the midi routing on AUM