I’m trying out MG2 on my Win 10x64 PC, but despite the fact that this device has its own Yamaha ASIO driver (visible, but not selectable inside the UI), the only driver I am able to select is the ASIO4ALL driver, but that is not working. I was using the same interface on my iPad Pro with MG2 without this kind of problem.
I am running TH-U using the Steinberg Yamaha USB ASIO driver with no issues.

It is weird, I use an UR22 with MG2 for years with no problems, except when I updated Windows to version 1909, I had to reinstall the driver.
Did you check the last UR22 driver version ?
Anyway, if others audio apps are working fine with it, it should be the same with MG2.

please try uninstall the asio4all driver: it seems you are not using it anyway.
The Steinberg asio drivers should work with our app.

User error to blame, my apologies. In order to select the driver a double click is necessary - I didn’t realise that. Then I also noticed that the system defaults to input 1 on the interface, whereas I was using input 2. Once I had done that I was able to monitor the output from MG2 fine.
However, on the negative side, I found vsti selection much less intuitive than it is on the iOS version. I also experienced high CPU usage which won’t allow me to simultaneously run a DAW or other processor. I tried unsuccessfully to run MG2 alongside TH-U.
My PC is a reasonably specced gaming PC, although I don’t have enough RAM, so the CPU load shouldn’t be an issue…

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on windows, the ASIO drivers mostly do not like or even block multiple apps using it at the same time. So if you run our standalone using the ASIO interface and another DAW using it, this might deteriorate performance.
For best performance load MG as a VST into your DAW or livehost, and load synths on other tracks. That way only 1 ASIO connection is used.
See for quickstarts fro different hosts.

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Do your UR22c has multiclient asio usb driver?
My UR22 MK2 do not have, this is the reason why I can not run 2 apps simultanously.