Issues with tracking between whole steps, and intonation when pitch bend is on (specifics within - have searched other topics already)

I apologize in advance as I know this is a topic that has come up before; ive read as many as I could find because I didn’t want to be redundant but its possible my answers were found by others and I didn’t see it.

I’ve been spending hours over several nights trying to work this out and am just at a wall. I was ready to just purchase the plugin version, so that I could also apply to beta test MG3 but I am seeing enough issues with 2 that I’m not sure I can use it.

I know this will depend on playing styles etc. - background is I’m a jazz player and my technique is clean. I have tried with my arch top and thought the transients and harmonics were the issue, however even with my Tele which has a very straightforward clean signal I have the same issue.

Two issues mainly - one is that when playing a whole step, it will often add a chromatic passing tone between. So if I play F and then immediately G it will add F# without me playing it. (the second issue) This is better when pitch bends are on, however the tuning is not usable because every time I stop a note with my left hand (not removing the finger from the string, just stopping the vibration) it will detune so intonations is really all over the place (I don’t just mean the pitch of a piano vs guitar either) This makes notes just sound extremely out of tune, and also makes me wonder if I could ever use this mode. Natural sounding pitch bends in synth solos were a big reason I wanted to use this too, compared to using a keyboard (as well as being much more proficient on guitar) but the pitch bend mode following pitch so strictly that it amplifies the very slight drop of pitch from something like ending a note is so crazy, and seemingly such a basic issue that there has to be a solution?

So this is not really about the more common questions of “extra notes all over the place” or “this note is registered” etc. I figured out pretty quick what the program likes and recognizes, and can adjust around that. However the issue of extra chromatic notes between whole steps when letting the program choose pitches, and the program being too accurate when pitch bend is enabled are things I haven’t seen discussed, and I have heard people using this program so I know there is a solution.

I hope that solution inst using a breath controller though, as I am not wanting to do that but have seen it used very effectively. I do play some winds but when I’m playing guitar I don’t want to worry about breathing like I’m playing a wind.I just want facility that comes with guitar for me while playing keyboard parts in Logic Pro.

I saw people in one thread talking about “sensitivity” settings but I don’t see those anywhere.

Lastly I am mainly using Diva and Repro so I don’t know if this is a U He compatibility issue or something. Not sure why that would be, but worth mentioning. This is on Logic Pro, on an M1 MBP running Sonoma. Same issue routing midi from the standalone app to Logic and running MG2 in Logic directly.

Thank you for any help, even if it is bad news, since I am very much looking forward to MG3 but really wanted to get MG2 in the meantime and perhaps work with the beta. I’m hoping this is just me overlooking something basic, and again apologies for the tired topic as well as the length (I wanted to be as detailed as possible)

i use uhe hive with mg2 without issue, so i believe diva/repro should be fine as well.

a breath controller would probably just add to your problems at the moment.

some workarounds to consider: control the pitchbend on/off with a foot pedal and enable it only when needed.

or insert a third party midi tuning device after mg2 and instruct it to correct small variations but to leave larger ones alone.

also incorporating a sustain pedal makes it easier for some to emulate a ‘real’ keyboard player.

if you have a midi controller, assign the mg2 noise, gain and curve to it. it’s much easier to use knobs to tweak them to best match your guitar/setup/style than to use a mouse.

lastly you could post an audio sample of your raw guitar input for others to experiment on.