Jam Origin’s Midi Guitar 2 on tour with ELP Legacy, Yes, Asia & John Lodge

Look at Paul Bielatowicz’s setup on stage here:


Everyone on the tour has been amazed by Midi Guitar 2. Several fans have said they’ve purchased it after seeing the show and the video I put out on social media… damn! My secret is out! Thanks so much again for everything you do. Really looking forward to further mind blowing technological advances in your future and any MG2 updates that might come. :slightly_smiling_face:


Your tracking is very impressive. I would love to see your settings inside. Are you using it stand alone or plugin? I’m constantly tweaking the gain and the noise gate. I’m finding everything I can do to even out my attack is yielding better tracking. So when using it as a plugin I will put a compressor before the MGII plugin to compress the attack and use the limiter inside the compressor (Logic Pro) to further even things out. Dynamics do suffer a little but the improved tracking seems worth it.
Or maybe it’s the sheer quality of computing power brought to the task?

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Sorry, just saw your reply’s. Thanks very much Atomheart. I’m using MG2 as a standalone to trigger various VSTs. As for tracking, I’m not using anything like a compressor but I do find (contrary to popular recommendation), having the gain on my audio interface set quite low really helps tracking and reduces miss-triggers. For my purposes I don’t need any dynamics at all, so I have the velocity set to max in MG2, which I find also helps with tracking.

Thanks. I was recently warned off of any use of compression as it inadvertently raises the noise floor. True. But I play using fingers and pick so there can be substantial difference in attack dynamics. Did you mean to say ,

High or low? Now I’m really bummed I didn’t drive down to Mountain Winery to see that. Please let us know if anything continues on. Very heartening to see MGII hit a big stage.

Haha damn, talk about missing out the most important word! I meant “low”. I find it works best if I set the gain on my interface (focusrite 2i4) at the lowest level that will still allow consistent triggering of midi notes. Any higher than that, I find mis-triggers can occur. The fact that I don’t want any dynamic control over the notes helps a lot - I would imagine this approach wouldn’t work for someone who wants to control midi velocity with how hard/loud they play.

True regarding dynamics, but this is another way to otherwise “compress” the signal. I wouldn’t have thought of that. To tell the truth the synths I’m using, especially Alchemy, in Logic are soooo responsive to dynamics that I think this would work better than what I’ve been doing. Not to the degree you have it set necessarily but a good place to experiment. Damn good. Thanks. Hey did you guys record anything during the tour? Anything to hear would be great.

Mr Bee. This my favorite take on a new tune so far using your ideas for settings. Turning down the gain, keeping the dynamic curve modest, and then dialing in the noise gate as low as can be but definitely using it in moderation. Also pulling the pickups down as far as possible to mitigate magnetic pull distorting intonation. But mainly zero compression on the guitar. Credit where credit is due. The wonderful Effectrode Blackbird preamp direct in. https://soundcloud.com/tom-rollison/mud-on-the-wall

I did too… Saw your video on FB, and purchased MG immediately after. Having a blast playing my hardware synths (DSI, Moog, Elektron) with my guitars and bass!BTW, I found that EQ’ing the high’s out of the command signal pretty heavily avoids false triggers quite a bit, due to reduced fret buzz and pick noise (I didn’t adjust action or string gauge in any way). Anyway, thanks for that video! Cheers!

Yeah great video MrBee! I too purchased after that.

About the gain: my first guitar synth was a Korg in the 80’s, and when it was all analog you’d almost have to put a compressor before the unit or it would be a mess of glitches. So that’s my guess where doing that came from. Old stuff.

Anyway looking forward to using VSTis with my native language of guitar.

Hey MrBee, great video! I noticed you have what appears to be a capo on your first fret, but I’m wondering if this may actually be a damping strap to stop sympathetic resonance of open strings, which I personally have found a nuisance in causing phantom midi note triggers (and always attributed to my hamfisted playing technique lol)? Any comments, and/or suggestions on playing techniques to get clean midi output?