Jamstik with Roland GR33

Help! I purchased a Jamstik guitar and I’m searching for a way to connect it successfully to my Roland Gr33.

The Roland takes a 13pin cable and unfortunately the Jamstik only has a 5 pin output.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

It is a little awkward for you to come into this forum asking about how to work with two competing products. Consider working with Jamstik and Roland to answer your question directly.

Indirectly, if I had a Jamstik I’d just interface via straight MIDI with my computer and be done with it. If you want into the Roland universe then buy into the Roland universe.

Again, out of respect for the forum related to a competing product I’d consider just looking elsewhere for better answers. Good luck.

To be fair, the poor guy probably just googled Midi Guitar Forum! :rofl:


the gr-33 wants 6 analog signals, one from each string. it cannot be ‘played’ with midi notes like a keyboard synthesizer.

i’m not familiar with the jamstik. it sounds like it has midi output (‘5 pin’). if so, it will not connect to a gr-33.

which, btw is a great piece of gear.

if you want to use it you will need a gk style pickup, with the 13 pin output.

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Thank YOU for your mature response…

Didn’t know this forum was for throwing shade on people for asking questions…

‘Poor guy’???

But actually you are correct …,I searched for a forum where I could ask questions about midi guitar and interfaces…

I thought this was the place…. I’ve been playing guitar professionally for 42 years…. And I used to have a Roland GK Strat… I no longer have it but I have a Jamstik now…. So I had the question…

I’m not some idiot that just wandered in here… I was looking for answers and maybe good conversation.

I wasn’t expecting to have intelligence questioned for asking about two different products working together.

I guess NOBODY in here does that.

I’ll find a better, more informed forum than this place to be sure.

But thanks anyways!

No “Shade” intended mate.
I guessed correctly.

This is a forum specifically for users of JamOrigin Midi guitar software, not a general midi guitar discussion group.

Do yourself a favour and download the trial software - all your “pin” problems could be solved.

Awkward? Respect for the forum? Seriously?

I asked a question. Looking for help with something and you’re going throw shade for asking?

Are you guys some kind of Royal Gurus of midi that you have to chastise people for asking very simple questions?

Thank you.

I’m sure the Jam part of my Jamstik search came up with this forum by mistake…

I appreciate your response

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I could see myself doing exactly the same thing!

In defence of my fellow forumites (is that a word?) they really are a most helpful and supportive group.

Good luck with your Jamstik :+1:

Hello @Cweigand, I don’t use your equipment, but I think you’re confusing audio and MIDI cables:
a 5 pin MIDI cable transmits MIDI data only.
A 13-pin cable transmits audio signals only.
So there’s no compatibility between these cables.

To connect your Jamstik’s audio to the GR-33, you’ll need to install a GK-3 sensor, but then the MIDI part of the Jamstik is useless.

However, the GR-33’s MIDI input can receive MIDI notes: have you tried connecting your Jamstick to this socket, taking care to set up the GR-33 first (Local Off mode, etc.)?
See the GR-33 manual Chapter 11 Appendices page 101 “when playing the GR-33 sound generator with a MIDI keyboard or other instrument”.

Remember, however, that the Jamstik is an instrument that allows you to dispense with the GR-33 and use any MIDI device, giving you a thousand times more possibilities when using a DAW or a plug-ins host .

And Midi Guitar by Jam Origin (audio2midi converter, plugin host) lets you do all this without any hardware :wink:

i was wrong when i said the gr-33 can’t be used as a sound module.

herold’s instructions are right on.

my apologies.