Just can't get this thing to work

Hello Everyone,
I purchased MIDI Bass and MIDI Guitar some months ago and I cannot get this plug in (using as a VST inside my DAW) to function. Maybe I am not understanding the fundamental nature of the thing. I have been through the on screen help feature numerous times, I seem to be adhering to all of the instructions, but I end up with nothing. My hope (and the primary reason for purchasing the product) is this: I record a bass guitar track on Channel 1, level is good with no clipping. I have tried placing the MIDI Bass plug in on the same channel, I have also tried sending channel 1 to channel 2 and placing the MIDI Bass there (I use Reaper so the routing is not an issue). All I want, at the end of the process, is for this plug in to export a MIDI track to its own channel - is that possible? Or, do I have the plug in translate my original performance to Trillian or some other such plug in, while on the same channel? I am not a neophyte in the studio so I am thinking that possibly I have the wrong idea about how this thing is supposed to work. If someone - anyone - could walk me through setting this up step by step, and enlightening me as to the expected outcome, I would be truly grateful. Thanks in advance.

  1. you have audio on a sourcetrack, place MG or MB as a normal fx on that track
  2. create a target track for the midi
  3. create a send on the source track (I/O button), thats send to the target track.
  4. make sure the midi is selected for sending and receiving in both the the target and source I/O settings.