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JX 10 POPing Trumpet sound

I dig the sound of the JX10 Trumpet but it has a click/pop sound that is making it unusable for me. Anyone else found this? Or is there a setting to eliminate the Plosive sound? If not, this would be a great addition to MG3.
Link attached if you want to hear what I’m talking about.

twist the “ENV ATT” knob a bit higher. The jx10 is a simple synth: when the volume “envelop attack” is too short it will pop.

Thanks Paul-
After playing with all the Envelope settings, I was not able to either eliminate or conversely, get the popping consistent enough to use it (as a source of attack) within a layered sound. But, you pointing me there helped me understand that for my purposes, it is probably just a limitation of the synth.

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@CMS Hello,
If you need a trumpet sound, you should try these free plugins. Maybe one of them will suit you.
On the other hand, with a little searching, you can certainly find more.

Iowa Trumpet
Sonatina Trumpet
VSCO2 Trumpet

I’ll just add this to the list. Perhaps you like it. It is also free. https://www.norrlandsamples.com

@LoFiLeiF This one comes from your country and it looks like a nice instrument and it’s free too. Unfortunately it only works with the full version of Kontakt… Too bad.

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True! I tend to forget since I have the full version. :grimacing: Yeah, I was looking at this one in its beta testing stage, and I felt it had a lot of potential. But I agree, it is unfortunate to offer free stuff to the full Kontakt container.