JX10 Synth - MIDI remote mapping (CC?) values for VCF frequency, resonance & envelope

Hi all,

I’m looking for the MIDI commands I need to program into a controller to control the VCF frequency, resonance & envelope in the JX 10 synth. I found the information below, but the filter cutoff increase/decrease and resonance CC values I found don’t seem to work. In fact I can’t see them controlling anything within the GUI.

I’m using a Novation Launchkey 37 with custom programmable pots, with both the standalone and DAW (Ableton 11) hosted versions of MIDI Guitar 2 on Windows 11. In the DAW, I have routed MIDI from the keyboard to the plugin, and can verify the MIDI information is being received my MG2 with the MIDI monitor tool that’s built in. On the standalone, I select the LK37 in the controller section of the interface menu.

I’m really digging the 303 acid bass synth, but I gotta be able to control those three parameters in real time from a controller! And should anyone ask, no those parameters are not MIDI-mappable within the MG2 GUI.

Thanks in advance!

CC JX10 Function
CC1 (Mod Wheel) Vibrato
CC2, CC74 Increase filter cutoff
CC3 Decrease filter cutoff
CC7 Volume
CC16, CC71 Increase filter resonance

Hi @Combinator
I don’t know any more comprehensive CC list than the one you have there (sorry), but surely those CCs work control the JX10, even as a plugin in Abelton? You can’t see them work perhaps, but I tested for function with a breath controller setup, for CC7 / CC1,CC2,CC3…and so on.And surely there was some sort of function there. But if it is the visual representation you are looking for, perhaps it doesn’t show for instruments parameters? Here is how I set up, anyway:

A REC armed MIDI track with breath controller sending MIDI to the audio track I have MIDI Guitar on. Did you use another way setting up?

it is like LloFiLeiF reported: the incoming CC messages, allthough they work, are not shown in the interface.

The most usefull is CC2, which mods VCF Freq : you set the starting point in the interface and the incoming CC value then is added, which you can clearly hear.
You only need to be aware that the VCF cutoff frequency is also ruled by:
VCF Env —> how much it follows the VCF att / dec / sus / rel section
VCF Lfo —> how much it follows the LFO rate knob
VCF Vel —> how much it follow the initial velocity of the incoming note.
If you want to control the VCF completely with you incoming CC2, set all above to 0.
Now VCF Freq and VCF Reso will define the complete filter, steered by your incoming CC2.


Thank you for this clear explanation.
Personally, I quickly checked that it worked, and it does. It is only the display in the GUI that is not recalled when changing values with a controller.

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You guys were all right! Classic case of “hearing with my eyes.” I was testing late last night without actually being plugged in, expecting to see visual feedback of those parameters moving and not seeing it. I’m successfully using CC2 for VCF freq cutoff and CC71 for resonance.

Thank you for the quick assistance, this is awesome!!