Keyswitch notes in MG3

I just took delivery of an XSONIC Airstep programmable footswitch, and one of the things I wanted to do with it, was to send out specific MIDI notes to trigger keyswitch articulations in my instrument. I can confirm that this does work when the Airstep sends these notes directly to the instrument running standalone, but it does not look like MG3 will accept MIDI notes as external inputs and then pass them on to the same instrument hosted as a plugin. Can others confirm that as far as accepting external control input, MG3 listens for CC messages only, not PC messages or MIDI note messages?

FTR, I’d love to have MG3 pass thru MIDI notes like this, if only for this purpose. I’ve got several instruments that use such keyswitch articulations, and the idea of a momentary stomp to engage a particular instrument articulation or playing style would be very powerful.

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Thank you for all the great feedback.
Yes, this should easy to add. I have put it on the TODO list.


Thank you kindly, @JamO. That promises to be a great feature for what I’m hoping to do.

I’m pretty amazed so far at my new Airstep footswitch which makes this keyswitching possible. I suspect that there are many other programmable controllers with similar features, but this is a new landscape with me and it’s kinda mind blowing. Once I sort out the issue with getting the Airstep to recognize my existing expression pedals at full sweep, I should be off to the races!

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