Kontakt Libraries act funny

Hi everyone,

When using MG2 in Logic Pro X, Kontakt 5 as a Software Instrument Track performs sensitively/easily triggered/sometimes random triggers. For example, using Symphony Series String Ensemble, I’ll often hear a random trill that can only be stopped when muting the sample.

However, using Kontakt 5 within MG2 in Logic works great, but can’t record MIDI.

Any suggestions? Sorry if my description is not the greatest, I could record a video of the problem if needed.


first thing to check is whether Logic is feeding the correct audio input to MG,
because your description would fit for MG translating an incoming microphone…

Thanks for your advice Paul, what would you suggest I do?

for starters: check what audio Logic uses in preferences/audio

I’ve attached a screenshot. Strange that Kontakt works fantastic within MG2, then acts weird when Kontakt is the software instrument.

try set the buffersize at 256. it might be just CPU overload.

Tried that, still triggers tremolos. I’ll be playing chords and all of a sudden one note of the chord will be tremolo’ed

you should try set multithreading to “playback tracks”

Still happening. When I identify the note being tremolo’ed/sustained, I play the note and it stops being affected, sometimes though. Shouldn’t really be happening though, it works flawlessly in MG2

sometimes audiointerfaces have a loopback setting, which loops back the interface output audio to the input, that would also create this error pattern.
But that would also affect MG standalone, I think.

forgot to ask: you did load Kontakt on other Logic instrument track?

My Scarlett 2i2 doesn’t have a loopback setting

And yes, loaded Kontakt (stereo out) as an instrument on a Software Instrument track in Logic. MG2 input is stereo as well

everything looks allright, I do not have a real clue what the difference might be.

I’ve discovered that samples with no articulation notes work fine as a Software Instrument track

Where as samples with articulation notes such as this behave very sensitively to MG2 as software instrument tracks

well, you can guess the reason: MG might create those articulation notes, and you dont know what is happening anymore then…

Correct, but that wouldn’t explain why it works flawlessly as an instrument in MG2, and temperamental as a software instrument track

I’m looking into the settings of Kontakt but not getting far

that is right… behaviour can depend on the individual instrument…kontakt is a rather open system with scripts…