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Korg M1 Le - Workaround for Program Change problems

Hey folks,
I got the free M1 Le when I bought the nanopad2 controller, which I use for switching presets by hand while jamming.
The problem: I had around 10 sounds of the M1 Le saved in MG2. When I switched directly from one to another MG2 showed “no instrument”. So I always had to switch to another synth in between and then go to the second M1 patch.
The solution: I just copied the M1-dll 10 times, named them according to the patches (just not to mix them up) and loaded each sound with the correspinding “instrument” (=dll). So it is possible now to switch from one preset of the M1 Le to another without detour.
The sounds of the M1 Le are great by the way.

Greetings, Hans

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good creative workaround, Hans!
Here is a simular one, that at least works at macOS:
You can make a copy off the standalone exectuable ( be it our full version or “MIDI Guitar for Garageband” ) and run them both simultaneous. Nice for double neck touchguitar, stereo guitar, sticks etc etc.
(somebody tell me if this also works at windows!)

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