Latency - Cubase 10.5 Pro with Native Instruments/Kontact

Hi, I’ve had Midi Guitar 2.2.1 for a while and just started messing with it again after trying and being disappointed with the Jammy Guitar. I want to be able to trigger all the piano and keyboard sounds I have to arrange keyboard parts more effectively.

I watched the video on working within Cubase and it looks like the program is very quickly tracking the playing from the guitar. I am getting noticeable latency that makes it tough to use. I have adjusted the samples to the recommended settings but there’s still a delay. I am using the following:

Intel i7 Processor, 32gbs of Ram, Windows 10 Pro (Latest Updates), Cubase 10.5 Pro, Native Instruments Komplete 12 (and other synths). Other than the samples, are there any other settings necessary to make the plug in work as in the video?

It’s not a known issue. It should work the same as if you play standalone.
Be sure to check the information for Cubase on and watch if there are any warning symbols inside the MG interface.
In case of Windows: Make sure your ASIO Driver is set in Cubase

Do you recommend using the built in sounds and transferring the midi to the synth of my choosing afterwards or should the software work with both equally as well?

It should work equally well.
Cubase is a good host, and the video on JamOrigin.Com/daw should show how to get midi into the piano roll. Then you can do anything with that midi afterwards. You may want to use the MG internal FX slots for monitoring while you record the midi in cubase. But most just use the daw for everything and only let MG provide midi.

If you are unsure about the latency of your system, try first to use MG as any other pure audio FX. Like it was just a compressor or reverb. It should perform exactly like any other FX. Then, adding the midi tracking/recording should add around 30ms of latency.

Thank you for the reply. I cannot seem to get it dialed in. Though I am apparently starting with the hardest instrument to do effectively track. Are there other settings in Cubase to correct for latency?