Latency tips for Logic Pro on MacBook Pro?

I’ve read the 16-page Help file and I’ve made those suggested changes. Any other tips for reducing latency and improving tracking? When recording, do most people just deal with the latency when putting down a track and then fix it up with quantizing after?

Same issue here, I have tried everything to reduce the latency but couldn’t see any improvements.
Did you manage to solve this by any chance?
Thanks a lot

I can not reply about Logic and Mac as I am a Reaper and Windows user.
I do not have any latency issue, although I have a rather old computer and an inexpensive audio interface…
So the issue does not come from MG2 at all.

Hi Guys!
My two cents on this matter: (I play MAC; Logic Pro, Abelton, Reason and MainStage) and when I started out I often went back and post rec edited bum notes and all kinds of strange artefacts. But as I played MG2 more as in instrument, practicing with those instruments I was going to use more, I gradually learned to play what I wanted to be there. I guess I am anticipating the resulting outcome for those instruments that trigger a bit slower (or have more latency), but seldom more than if I stand in another room from my practice amp playing to some sound source straight in from of me. It becomes sort of a natural adjustment after a while. What I am saying is, it shouldn’t be impossible to record what you play and not be having to quantize everything all the time. (Bear in mind, I often play rather open structured thing which also help with the mediating of course)

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In practice, these are the things you can do:

  1. use a guitar without much resonance (ie. solid body) with tone controls all way up and a bridge pickup.
  2. use a low noise gate setting (higher noise gate increase latency)
  3. make sure your audio interface runs at 128 buffer size at 44.1 or 48khz in your DAW.

that’s useful to know!

totally! there almost needs to be a cheat sheet or something we can print, especially when using different vst’s.