Length Filter ( postpones note untill certain length requirement is met)

Postpones a note untill a certain length in milliseconds (ms) is reached.
Note that the notes can only started per audioframe, this means that
with buffer 256 the steps are about 6 ms, with buffer 128 the steps are 3 ms.
But since you’ll probably want to wait for longer, this should be no issue.

Length filter.lua (1.6 KB)

fixed for midibass:
Length filter V2.lua (1.6 KB)

Would like to use this on Midi Bass, but it’s not passing note-on lower than E1 (lowest E on guitar). Sometimes takes a few goes and some control wiggling to get it to pass notes at all. Once it is going it works fine until trying to go lower than E1.

I’ll fix the script for bass, it just doesnt look for the low notes…

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@Paul is it fixed yet?

just uploaded it, untested. See updated post for V2 of the script.
it is just one “40” changed to “28”

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awesome, many thanks!

Love this filter, but have some trouble when first loading it. The behavior described below is the same for the VST and stand alone version of MG2.

  1. Load filter, no note on events pass through.

  2. Turn the minimal_age_ms control from 1 to 1000 back and forth a few times… note on events start flowing and the controls on the filter work as expected.

I looked at the code to see if I could correct it, but no luck. Great filter for cleaning up things like pianos, etc. Would love to use it. Thanks for any help.

I’ll look into it, might be a few days though

No worries at all. Thanks for the support.

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