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License File Link not working

Hi guys,

I’ve just purchased the Midi Guitar 2 and I got occupied immediately for awhile because of a work project and forgot to download it (I even forgot to install the app itself). And upon checking the link that was given to me (browser was still open) this day, it’s not working anymore.

I think they can see if I already downloaded the file on their counter/ticker or something and I already fill out a form on the site yesterday and sent another email on their support but haven’t got any emails yet so I figured to post the issue here just to be sure. I already had the midi guitar for garage band and I really like jam origins products. I just hope this is just some error with processing. Has anyone had this problem before?

Hi @fil
Installing the trial version is installing the software. (Download – Jam Origin) You unlock the software with the purchased license file. And if you have purchased a license, and then lost it (or never downloaded it?), you can contact support or fill out the “lost license form” (Contact – Jam Origin). The handling of those lost licenses is manual however, and usually done once a week. So if you have done both, as you describe, I would just advise you to wait a while, and I am sure you will get an answer!

The link timed out after 7 days, but I just reactivated it.