License for Midi Bass

I bought the license for Midi Guitar. This was a few years ago. I installed it on my Macbook Pro and later on I installed Midi Bass. Everything worked fine. I have been given a Windows 10 Laptop and am trying to install both programs on it to compare the performance. Midi Guitar seems to work and indicates it belongs to me, but when I try to use Midi Bass I keep get interruptions asking me to buy the license. I thought that the license covered me for both programs on both computers. Is this the case, or do I have to buy another one? I think this issue arose after I tried to upgrade Midi Bass to 1.2.1

you need to open the midi bass standalone, play with anything other than the Rhodes preset, and when the nagscreen comes, point to the file “< yournamehere >.license”

Thank you again Paul. I have saved the new copy of license file, and all is now working as it should. It looks as if my original had been corrupted during transfer between Mac and PC. Should I use the new one you sent me on my original Macbook, if it is required in the future. The new license is only on the WIn 10 laptop at the moment.

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