License lost - thanks for help with receiving a new license file


Its been a long while since I last used Jam Origin. My old laptop is long dead and not accessible.
Could someone please reply the email I’ve sent to support and help me to obtain a new one?
My order number was originally JAM121215-8235-95152

Many thanks,
Mike Bryant

Hi Mike!

The proper way to go about a lost license is to go here:

If you have sent an email to support I am sure your case will be handled in due time! :+1:

Thanks. Hoping they can reply before Christmas!

I know this isn’t the proper way to get help with a new license file, but I haven’t gotten a reply or response from support. Ive had the same issue. I can’t access my original license file and need help with getting a new link. My order number was JAM201129-8434-97184

Steve Lowery

Hi Steve! I am sure @JamO will help you out as soon as he sees either your mail or this! :handshake: :+1:

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