License recovery

Hi all! I have been trying to recover my license details as am trying to reinstall midi guitar 2 , but havent had a response after filling the necessary form in. If there is anyone from Jamorigin monitoring or if anyone knows if there is another way to recover the necessary file, I would love some help please!

I know now i should have emailed the file to myself for safe keeping but that would have required intelligence…

I cant find it on a system search either, so i have obviously done away with it at some point…

Cheers for any help!

Hi Sven! If you perhaps still have your license file on you computer, but don’t know what to look for it is a document with theme you registered to purchache the software, followed by “.license”. So it should look something like “Firstname Lastname.license”. But if you don’t have this anywhere, support will of course provide you with a new file. This is however a manual process and is usually attended to once a week, and with the holidays and all, perhaps your query is still awaiting processing. I am sure you will hear from @JamO in the coming days.

Hi! Thanks for the quick answer! Had no idea it was a manual/weekly process. Will just wait a bit longer now that I know.

Thanks again!

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