Licensing problem

I bought MG2 and get the interrupt but there is NOT any way to apply the license at that point. I have the license. So I have paid for the software but am unable to use it. Please advise how to proceed!

There is no button to “Apply license” only to purchase or continue with interruptions or use the default piano. Not satisfactory!

Did you get that sorted out? This is what the interruption looks like on my MacBook. Don’t you get this popping up after a few minutes?

Bild 2022-10-03 kl. 13.23 2

Thank you! this is very kind. I realised after some hours of trial and error that I was trying to license the version obtained from Apple’s App Store, which does not offer an APPLY LICENSE button. While I was able to use the Apple-obtained trial version to control instruments in Garageband (which is what I want to do) now, having successfully installed MidiGuitar2 and applied the license (using the button display you posted), I find that I cannot now fathom how to control Garageband instruments with the full version which has a different layout. Any pointers on that would be most welcome!

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I always work with MIDI Guitar2 as standalone whenever I (have to) do something with garageband. Just open it as standalone (outside of GB) and the open whatever instrument you want to record in GB and press record.

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A similar problem is also present in the MIDI GUITAR Mini AUv3 on M1 macs.

I just updated Ableton Live 11 to v11.2, which allows loading AUv3 plugins. The MG Mini plugin displays, loads and even works as expected but is time limited. I enter my email as requested and JO sends me a code but there’s no entry field for the received code.

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Most interesting! :thinking: I haven’t tried the MINI since I switched to M1.

Where do the AUv3 plugins appear? I only have AUv2 plugins right now.

Standalone works, and i can silence the instrument MG2 is playing, but even using its mix control I find myself unable to silence the guitar audio in my headphone feed. Many thx for your help😀

That is usually an audio interface issue! There can be something like a direct monitoring vol control that is not fully up or down?

Just a thought – make sure you’re not running Live 11 under Rosetta 2.

There is no entry field for the code which is delivered from JO automatically upon entering registered email at shot 3.

Thanks man! I found that yesterday too, directly after having asked the question, but then forgot to add that info here. :no_mouth: I’ve posed the question to @jamo already, so lets see if there is enough of an interest in the Mini as an AUv3 to warrant any action toward a working license registration. Thanks for the help and the info! :pray: :handshake: :+1:

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gr8! sorted, many thanks for your generous help.

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