I receive an message saying trial interruption, that I must apply a license. When I go to my stored license file and apply, I get an error, license not found message. When I go to the original email forwarding the license and attempt to download my license info (Jam Origin Store), I get a license not available message. I have used the Jam Origin form in the support section (if you’ve lost your license) and received no response. I have tried to communicate with Jam Origin using “contact us” link and had no response. Is Jam Origin still viable?

@0118Mnt Don’t worry, you’ll get an answer soon.
We are all used to communicating with large companies equipped to react promptly, but Jam Origin is a one-man operation and handles mail once a week (as far as I can see).

You are absolutely correct. I have received a re-released license and all is good. Thanks for your response.

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