Light version of iOS MG2 app?

New to the forum and looking forward to learning from you all. I’ve been using (and loving) MG2 for several weeks, always to drive 3rd party synths on AUM and Audiobus via “External Midi Output”. The only settings I adjust are gain (rarely) and bends (bend range 2 or disabled).

Would it be desirable / feasible to have a light option with just those minimal controls for those of us who use it that way? Or am I, as a newbie, missing something I should be using more regularly?


the iOS version is allready a light version of the full desktop version.
A lot of people use it standalone, so for them the current options on screen are necessairy and allready as simple as possible.
The performance of the app CPU wise would not be improved with a simpler interface (our current display is cached and CPU optimised)
We had a “basic” interface in previous iOS version, but sofar we didnt recieve much requests to have it in our current version.

Thanks for explaining, Paul.

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