Line6 connections

Just thought I’d post that I was able to use my podgo’s usb port to connect to my phone/iPad and it interphases easily with midi2.

I’m interested in replies about how line6 users are integrating midi2 into their setups

I did try that, myself, but I could not control the volume of the guitar, it was linked to the volume of both.

Here is how I use midi2 with my POD GO. And this roundabout way is because I keep my guitar volume maxed, but I want to be able to control the volume of the output of both synth and guitar.

  1. I use a simple 1/4 splitter cable (1 male ==> 2 female) plugged into the input of the POD go
    I run a 1/4 cable from the guitar to the pod go. So, at the very least, I have my signal into the POD GO

  2. 1/4 cable goes from the female end of the splitter to an IK Multimedia iRig
    iRig plugs into my iPad, running midi2

  3. Output of iPad/midi2 goes to a volume control and then to either a full range powered speaker, or into a mixer, or into the AUX in of the POD GO.

This way, I can control the volume of Guitar signal with the POD GO volume
The midi2 Volume pedal controls the synth volume.

It works pretty good, and I have the ability to boost the synth volume for a solo, for example.

I have a midi foot controller, and I really would like to get that working with the iPad for patch changes.
Right now, I change patches with
Bandhelper, for each song.

Interesting set up. I get the issue you are talking about with wanting to adjust synth volume independently. I’m doing that with my setup.

I run guitar into podgo
Podgo to iPhone via usb/camera kit
MG2 (external midi out)

Then SampleTank receives the midi signal.
In sample tank I assign the volumes of the synth voices to faders on an old midi mixer… so I can blend up to 8 instruments at different volumes (which is overkill as I rarely blend more than 2-3).

the same set up could be used to control a single synth volume in SampleTank with a midi foot control that has an expression pedal (likely my next gear purchase so I can go “hands free”

Thanks for taking PodGo MG2 with me :slight_smile: