Loading Reaper JS effects into MG3?

Some of my most used effects are Reapers JS plugins, and currently MG3 (or MG2 to my knowledge) doesn’t recognize them. Are there plans to include them, or has anyone discovered a workaround? It recognizes Apple stock effects (I also have Logic Pro) so hopefully that’s a good sign.

For example, the Reaper JS ‘MIDI CC Mapper X’ works beautifully with altering the CC information curves (if that’s something you’re into) that MG3 creates. And not to mention the JS effects in general are great and it’d be awesome to load them directly into MG3.

p.s. mg3 is incredible :slight_smile:

JSFX are simple scripting text files, written in EEL2 which is Cockos’s own language.
JSFX become full featured plug-ins when loaded into REAPER.
As proprietary format that is only readable in Reaper.

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Found a workaround: Release v0.0.2 · JoepVanlier/ysfx · GitHub

it wraps jsfx into a vst3/au and it works within MG3. yay :slight_smile:


Good to know and thank you to report.