Logic 10.15.5 and Mac Mini with Catalina

I recently got a new Mac Mini 2018 running Catalina. I previously used another old Imac 2009. I have downloaded and paid for the MG2 license on previous Imac. I have redowloaded this to the new Imac, and applied the license Key. So far all good.

Then I installed MG2 - all good
I updated my sound library - all good
I restarted the mac Mini.

Then I went to copy the midi guitar 2.components to /library/audio/plug-ins/components - except this file path does not exist! (it did on my previous Imac)

and midi guitar 2.vst to the /library/audio/plug-ins/vst/ - again this path does not exist (it did on my previous Imac!)

So… where do I now save these two files so that they can be used by Logic proc 10.15.5.

All the projects I had before using this midi files is no longer working as well since the above files need to be copied to the correct location…

Many thanks for any help and support !

here is a basically everything:

Hi Paul
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I followed the options and have now copied the files across. Great article you responded with !!!

Solved it !!
thanks very much.

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