Logic and Garage Band compatability

If I buy the plug ins for Logic Pro, can I also use them in Garage Band on the same computer? I also have Pro Tools on another computer-does the software work with Pro Tools on Mac? And will I need a separate licence? Thanks…

-our AU component works with Logic, Garageband and Mainstage. For all other apps the included VST version is recommended.
-Protools expects its own plugin format AAX, which we currently dont provide.
-You may install our app on any of your computers as long as you are the only user of it

OK thanks-so does that mean it’s not compatible with Pro Tools?

MIDI Guitar is not compatible with Protools. You can run our standalone and have the virtual midi into Protools, but loading our VST in Protools is not possible since Protools doesn’t load VST’s.

OK thanks. I have another question but its about installation. Can I ask here or should I go to another conversation?

installation info is on jamorigin.com/daw
but feel free to ask anything here…