Logic Pro X Random pitch bends with MG2


This weird problem happened after I bought Midi Guitar 2. If I activate the pitch bend on MG2, it just keeps on sending random pitch bends making every digital synth sound out of tune. Can’t recall this happening when I used the trial version. When I disable the pitch bend it’s gone but If I delete the track with MG2 on it, the synth will still be out of tune.

This was actually a function I wanted to use a lot haha. Does anybody know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

You need to set the pitch bend range of MG2 the same as the Logic Pro instruments. From memory MG2 is set to 2 by default whereas Logic expects 12.

Unfortunately, Logics synths don’t expect a one unified value, but instead you are going to have to look at each individual synth’s setting when you decide to play it. I guess this isn’t as tangible if you play Keyboard and use the mod wheel for pitch bends, but for guitar players this is most obvious. So yes, match whatever pitch bend value you use on MIDI Guitar with the synths you play, and you’ll be fine. Pitch bend is a great asset for anyone using guitar as midi controller, as it is what allow for vibrato and slides and whatnot.A few examples of PB placements and values:Skärmavbild 2021-04-01 kl. 13.01.05

The Alchemy example is probably among the worst for us, as the have different setting for different presets. That makes for a lot of work for us to use it, but it is what it is. Good Luck!

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Ah so we Logic users actually need an overrule function for every plugin. Thank you for your replies and the screenshots for clarification!

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You can always change the Pitch bend settings on the individual Logic plugin!