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Logic Sound Library disappears after installing MG2 (Solved)

Logic Pro Sound Library disappeared after installing MG2. Previous Projects that use Software Instruments show “Sampler” in instrument field (used to show “French Horn” or equivalent). Tried reinstalling Logic Pro Sound Library - no errors on installation, but Library still absent.

MG-2 works fine, but library is limited.

MacBook Pro Big Sur 11.6.2 with Logic Pro X 10.7.2 and Apogee Symphony Desktop.

Hi @lcanney
Are you sure it has nothing to do with any logic update? I am on Monterey OS 12.0.1, and sure you get the sampler as the instrument if you search and choose the french horn, but that has nothing to do with MG2. Did you install MG2 and update Logic at the same time perhaps? If you search for French Horn, what comes up? It seems as if everything is working, just that the name in the instrument slot has changed?

Thanks, I just wasn’t looking in the right place. All is well.

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