Long Load Times / Beachballs MacOS

Version 2.2.1 - Standalone, VST, and AU versions on MacOS (Mojave 10.14.6) are all taking a very long time to load and beachballs are appearing (for up to 60 seconds on VST/AU in Live 10). Suggestions? No other problems with my system these days so it’s kind of strange that this has started happening.

which patch is loaded when this happens? default?

Yes, Test Piano.

I have MG2 on another mac running High Sierra also and it loads in a split second.

can you test whether it makes a difference whether you’re online or offline?

Sure, I was online - but I just tried your suggestion and it makes no difference at all when offline.

FWIW MIDI Bass has no problem with the loading time.

ok… just checking every possibility here…
can you send me your MIDI Guitar Log Standalone.txt from the MG folder?
you can find it in MG via preferences “midi guitar data folder”. just send it to support@jamorigin.com

Thanks, I’ll send it over to you momentarily.

for completeness sake, I’ll drop the reason here:
The cause has been found: MG crashed on a really big IR cab/ reverb folder
Further details are unknown, issue solved by deselecting the big folder.

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Paul was an absolute champion on this issue. He found the issue in next to no time. Many thanks.

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