Looking for a drum sequencer that has 3/4 time plus good midi-learn

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using MG2 for a few months now and am finding it totally awesome; thanks so much to its creators!

I use it live on my iPhone in my jeans’ pocket along with AudioKit’s Synth One and IK’s BlueBoard BT midi foot controller, almost totally wireless, UHF to the amp, plus UHF vocal headset, freedom!

Having got the hang of that, I’m wanting to add drums. Up to now I’ve been experimenting with AudioKit’s AR-909 app running in Audiobus 3 to enable sufficient midi-learn and StreamByter scripts to supplement that.

However, I’ve come up against an issue, in that I like doing stuff in 3/4 time and the AR-909 only handles 4/4. Apart from that, and slightly limited midi-learn, it’s very good.

MY QUESTION is, does anyone know of an iOS drum sequencer/synth that handles 3/4 time, along with some midi-learn?

Many thanks,

Kind regards, Mike.

PS Sorry, I know this question isn’t strictly MG2 related but I’m struggling to find a solution elsewhere and you guys are so knowledgable :grin: